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617 - Temple Christian College to City

School Service. Via Currie St

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This service does not operate in this direction.

To City

Stop 1 Henley Beach Rd - North side (Stop Code: 16405)
26-28 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End.

Stop A1 Glover Ave - North side (Stop Code: 17797)
LOT 54 Glover Ave, Adelaide.

Stop B1 Currie St - North side (Stop Code: 13371)
254-260 Currie St, Adelaide.

Stop B2 Currie St - North side (Stop Code: 13367)
174 Currie St, Adelaide.

Stop D1 Currie St - North side (Stop Code: 13354)
116-120 Currie St, Adelaide.

Stop E1 Currie St - North side (Stop Code: 13348)
42 Currie St, Adelaide.

Stop G3 Grenfell St - North side (Stop Code: 13330)
132 Grenfell St, Adelaide.

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