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Travel behaviour tips

Adelaide Metro is committed to the comfort and safety of all public transport passengers.


We understand that everyone is different and we all have different transport journeys and experiences.

One thing that we should all have in common is our consideration of other passengers.

Here are some great tips to make it a great trip. Check them out!

Meet the terrific transport travellers

Meet Chloe, Dylan, Ethan, Mandy and Olivia.

They’re the terrific transport travellers, here to help us all understand some of the simple things we can do to make it a better trip for everyone.

Hi Chloe…

Chloe knows to keep her personal devices personal because not everyone wants to hear her music. Chloe is considerate. Be like Chloe.


Hi Dylan…

Dylan knows that markers are for doing his school work, not tagging the bus. Dylan respects property. Be like Dylan.


Hi Ethan…

Ethan says hi to the driver to show he appreciates the job he’s doing. Ethan is respectful. Be like Ethan.


Hi Mandy…

Mandy knows how important it is to validate her metroCARD when she gets on the train. She could be fined if she doesn’t. Mandy is wise. Be like Mandy.


Hi Olivia…

Olivia knows that not everyone wants to hear the conversation with her friends or be offended by bad language. Olivia is mindful. Be like Olivia.


Transport behaviour matters

Consider other who are sharing your journey.

Be mindful of your actions and how they may affect others.

Be like our terrific transport travellers ….because we’re all in this together.

Thanks everyone 

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