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Real-Time Passenger Information

Real-Time is a free, convenient and easy to use service available at 7,650 stops and stations. The technology has been rolled out across the Adelaide Metro bus, train and tram network. You can now check when your service will arrive in real-time the Adelaide Metro website.

  • If using your tablet or computer you can search for your favourite stop
     by accessing the real-time arrival information using your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • If using a smartphone you can search for real-time enabled stops or stations nearest to you via GPS and satellite tracking technology.

How does it work

Real-Time Stop Landing Explanation

Adelaide Metro's Real-Time has been designed to give you real-time arrival information so you have a better idea of when your service is arriving. Each stop and station has a unique stop code displayed on it's Real-Time page (1).

Using satellite tracking technology Real-Time predicts when the next vehicle will arrive based on its scheduled, speed and last reported Global Positioning System location (2).
Real-Time predictions are noted by the blue satelite icon (3).

The accuracy of the predictions vary depending upon, changes in traffic patterns, accidents, and operation changes. If we can't make an accurate prediction we will show you the scheduled time noted by the clock face icon (4).

When travelling you should always arrive at your stop or station at least 5 minutes before the predicted arrival time, to ensure you make your connection with plenty of time.

 Stop Codes

Image of Stop Code icon - png
Stop code sticker with QR code - sample image

Your stop or station may have a stop code flag or a stop code sticker.

If you have a smartphone you can scan the square QR code on the sticker, which will link you directly with Real-Time predictions for your stop.

You can search using your stop code directly into the Real-Time Arrivals search box and the Real-Time Arrivals page.

Find your next service arriving at your stop or station with Adelaide Metro Real-Time