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How to validate your card

Simply touch your card on a validator as you board your bus, train or tram and when you enter or exit Adelaide, Salisbury and Noarlunga Railway Station. The appropriate fare will be deducted.

A beep and green light indicates a successful validation. The fare deducted will be displayed along with any remaining balance. In most cases you won’t even need to take your card out of your purse or wallet.

If your card doesn’t validate speak with the bus driver or an Adelaide Metro staff member. If your card balance is below the fare required you must buy a MetroTicket.

Unable to validate your card

Adelaide Railway Station gate ticket validator JPG image

metroCARDs are made of a plastic similar to credit cards. They are very strong and with normal use will last many years, however there may be rare occasions where it won’t validate properly.

If your card is not validating properly on board, first check that you have enough balance on the card for the appropriate fare to be deducted.

If there is enough balance on the card, you will need to either:

Your metroCARD has validated properly when you hear a ‘beep’ and see a green light.

Why not travel with stately style?

Celebrate this state with six new metroCARDs, showing iconic South Australian destination.