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What can I bring on board?

What can I bring on board?


You can take luggage up to 90cm x 60cm x 40cm on board if space permits.


Surfboards are not allowed on board buses or trams. Surfboards are allowed on board trains if space permits. A separate concession ticket is required for a surfboard travelling on board a train.

Accredited assistance animals

All accredited assistance animals accompanying a person with a disability are welcome to travel on all public transport.


People must not bring an animal on board a regular passenger service vehicle unless it is an accredited working animal accompanying a person with a disability. 

Food and drink

Eating and drinking is not permitted on board.

Prams and pushers

Prams and pushers are allowed on board. They must be folded down and stored in the identified areas. For more information on travelling safely on public transport with a pram or pusher, visit the Safety and Behaviour page.

Personal shopping trolleys

Personal shopping trolleys are permitted on board. Supermarket trolleys are not permitted on board.

Bikes have special conditions, see the Bike FAQ section.

Other items may not be allowed on board due to space, hygiene and safety reasons.

Bus, train and tram

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