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Adelaide Metro is committed to giving customers more choice and easy access to public transport information. We want you to build great tools for our customers.

We provide transit information in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS and GTFS-Realtime) format, and access to the Real time Data Exchange (SIRI). Our data feeds are FREE for use.

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Adelaide Metro Developer Group

The Adelaide Metro Developer Group is the official venue for discussing the Adelaide Metro Public Transport SIRI, General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and Enhanced Transit Feed data use.  Discussion is open to current users of the feed specifications.

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GTFS data

The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) defines a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information. GTFS "feeds" allow public transit agencies to publish their transit data and developers to write applications that consume that data in an interoperable way.

GTFS-Realtime data

As GTFS provides static information about the transit data, GTFS-Realtime as the name suggests provides Realtime information regarding the transit data which includes the trips that are currently active, the current vehicle position on the trip, the stops already covered by the vehicle along the trip etc.

GTFS-Realtime feed follows Google’s GTSF-Realtime feed specifications. The documentation can be found at

The feed has two entities:

Trip Updates: Contains Realtime predicted arrival/departure time for stops along the route. The file is available in two formats: Protocol buffer and Text format. Protocol buffer file can be found at and the Text file can be found at

Trip Updates files is updated every 60 seconds.

For more information on trip updates, please visit

Vehicle Positions: Contains Realtime vehicle positioning information along the route.

Similar to Trip Updates, vehicle positions file is also available in Protocol Buffer and Text format which can be found here and respectively.

Vehicle Position file is updated every 15 seconds.

More information related to vehicle positions can be found at

Adelaide Metro’s protocol file is available at . Please note that we are using extension id 1999 for wheelchair accessibility information. The documentation on using proto2 can be found here

SIRI Real time data

SIRI (Service Interface for Real Time Information) is a XML based standard covering a range of real-time and scheduled public transport information.  This standard has been adopted by the European standards-setting body CEN, and is not owned by any one vendor, public transportation agency or operator. More information about all of the features of SIRI at:

  • Real time data: Real time data is available under the Creative Commons License. Find out more about the Real-time Data and it's license at
    By joining the Adelaide Metro Developer Group you can get access to GTFS, the SIRI feeds and documentation..

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