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Group Bookings

Please note that all booking requests are unconfirmed until approval is given by Adelaide Metro.

To make any group booking request, Adelaide Metro requires the following –

  • Minimum of 10 business days’ notice
  • Travelling needs to occur between 9:30am and 3:00pm Monday to Friday
  • Date and scheduled service time -
  • Boarding and alighting locations
  • Route number/name
  • Up to 25 passengers per bus booking
  • Up to 50 passengers per train/tram bookings
  • Purchase of a fare*

In instances where some of the above cannot be met, you may be asked to split the group onto separate services.

We advise that in some instances as determined by Adelaide Metro we may not be able to cater for the booking. In these instances we may provide information on charter services (fee applies).

For more information about group bookings, please contact Adelaide Metro at

*Primary school students and a maximum of 4 adults, travelling at the above times/days do not need to purchase a fare but are required to use a group ticket when travelling for free, this ticket will need to be arranged prior to travel by Adelaide Metro via the online group booking process. If the group does not have a pre-approved group booking and group ticket, the group may be required to pay for their fare at the time of travel or at a later date.

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