W91 - W91C services detouring due to roadworks

When: From Thursday 22 April 2021

Affecting: W91, W91C

W91-W91C services both directions detouring due to roadworks on Cashel St from 7:00am Thursday 22 April 2021 until further notice. 

Services to City: From Cashel St (terminus Stop 23), Osborne St, Thurles St, Mingbool Ave, Cashel St then normal route.

Services to St Mary's: From Cashel St Stop 21A, Mingbool Ave, Thurles St, Quinlan Ave, Cashel St to Stop 23 (terminus). 

Stops 22 and 22A Cashel St (both sides) and Stop 23 Cashel St (to St Mary's) will be missed. 

Passengers are directed to Stop 21A Cashel St (both sides) or Stop 23 Cashel St (to city). 

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