Say hello to some great new apps

When: From Monday 8 June 2020

Say hello to some great new apps . . .

To provide our customers with the best and most up to date experience in public transport apps, we've partnered with third-party experts to enhance existing transport apps to suit Adelaide and our public transport customers.


As we partner with these industry leaders in public transport app innovations, we say goodbye to metroMATE.

Goodbye metroMATE

From early July, metroMATE will no longer be available.

Great new apps

We have a range of third-party apps with enhanced Adelaide Metro public transport journey planning and trip information available for download right now.

Some of the features these apps will offer our customers include:

  • Trip planning for combined travel journeys
  • Service and journey notifications
  • Real-Time and accessible service information
  • Ability to save favourite services and sync across devices
  • Ability to tailor your travel by convenience, time, carbon emissions and more

You've probably already heard of the apps we are endorsing to get you to where you want to be, easily. That's because they are industry recommended and rank top of their game.

What are the apps?

You can also choose from a range of apps for your mobile device which are made by independent developers. 

App Features Android iOS


Moovit gives you the best route, with accurate real-time arrival info and service alerts.

Moovit Android

Moovit iOS


NextThere displays departure information at a tap and shows where you and your next service are. Not available on Android

NextThere iOS


Transit lets you look up the next bus, train or tram leaving your stop. 

Transit Android

Transit iOS

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