New and improved digital stops

When: From Tuesday 2 April 2019

Public transport accessibility continues to be improved for passengers, with the further installation of digital bus and tram stops around metropolitan Adelaide in 2020.

Works for the digital bus and tram stops are close to completion with North Terrace and Elizabeth Interchange signs to be powered in July

These digital public transport stops are in addition to the installation and upgrade of 50+ digital bus and tram stops that have been completed around metropolitan Adelaide.

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New digital bus stops

Digital plinths bus stops with voice annunciators have been installed at the Elizabeth Interchange, Mawson Interchange and Flinders Medical Interchange as well as Stop I1 North Terrace in mid-2020.

Mawson Interchange


Flinders Medical Interchange

Flinders 01

These new digital bus stops join the digital bus stops that are already located throughout:

  • Currie Street, Adelaide
  • Grenfell Street, Adelaide
  • Paradise Interchange
  • Tea Tree Plaza Interchange
  • Dumas Street Interchange at Mount Barker
  • Klemzig Interchange

New digital tram stops

Works were completed in mid-2020 to install new digital stops at the City South tram stop (both sides) and the Art Gallery tram Stop (both sides)

City South

City South 01
City South 02

These new digital tram stops join the digital tram stops that are already located at:

  • Entertainment Centre
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • City West
  • Adelaide Railway Station
  • Rundle Mall
  • Pirie Street
  • Victoria Square

Live example of digital bus stop screens

This link will bring up a page which displays a live, visual example of what information is displayed at the digital bus stops.

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