New Flinders Railway Line

When: From Friday 20 November 2020


The new Flinders Railway Line and new Flinders and Tonsley Railway Stations will open in coming weeks, following essential testing and driver training.

The line is a 650-metre extension of the existing Tonsley train line travelling through to the Flinders medical and university precinct, creating new connections to health, innovation and education via an elevated single track over Sturt Road, Laffers Triangle and Main South Road, with the new Flinders station to become the end of the line.

The Seaford train will operate to a modified timetable during this closure with services up to five minutes earlier.  There will also be a Seaford line closure the weekend of 28 & 29 November.

The following events will occur for the opening of the new Flinders Line:

Tonsley line partial closure

From Saturday 21 November

The existing Tonsley rail line, which currently ends at Clovelly Park Railway Station, is temporarily closed for essential testing and driver training before it reopens as the Flinders rail line in the coming weeks. 

The line was due to be closed for approximately two weeks from Friday 20 November, however this critical testing and commissioning of the new Flinders Line has had to be delayed as a result of the recent COVID-19 outbreak in South Australia.

Seaford trains modified timetable

During this weekday closure, the Seaford train is operating to a modified timetable.

Some express Seaford trains will service all stations between Adelaide and Woodlands Park during the closure and will operate up to five minutes earlier that the regular timetable.

Transfer from Seaford trains to rail substitute bus N7 available at Woodlands Park.

Substitute buses are Adelaide Metro fare services. There will be no free travel on substitute buses, Seaford trains or new Flinders line trains once operating.

Trains will continue to operate to the closed stations during the closure. These trains are for training purposes only and are not available for passenger transport.

Please go to your closest substitute bus stop:

Railway Station

Substitute Bus Stop

  • To Adelaide

Substitute bus stop

  • From Adelaide
Clovelly Park Bradley Grove stop 27 West Bradley Grove stop 27 East
Mitchell Park Bradley Grove stop 25 West Bradley Grove stop 25 East
Woodlands Park Adelaide Terrace stop 17 West Adelaide Terrace stop 17 West

Clovelly Park Station closure

The Clovelly Park Station will permanently close from last service on Friday 20 November.


During the Tonsley line closure from 21 November to early December, substitute buses will operate to the Clovelly Park substitute bus stop 27 Bradley Grove (see table above).

From early December, Flinders line trains will operate to the new Tonsley Station just south of Alawoona Avenue.

Trains will not operate to the closed Clovelly Park Station.

New Tonsley Railway Station

The new Tonsley Railway Station will be operational following essential testing and driver training when it will reopen as the Flinders rail line. The Tonsley Railway Station will replace the decommissioned Clovelly Park Station.

The station will be fitted with information displays and accessible messaging providing real time train timetable information.

The new Tonsley Station is adjacent the Tonsley Innovation District.

New Flinders Line and Flinders Station

The new Flinders Rail Line and Flinders Station will be open with passenger services following essential testing and driver training, and will be operating under an enhanced timetable which will offer:

  • Longer operating hours
    • extended services until late on weeknights
    • a 20 minute frequency during peak times on weekdays
    • a 30 minute frequency at all other times, and
    • new weekend services from early morning to late night (from the weekend of 26-27 December 2020)

Features of the new line and stations will include

  • Better station access through Shared Use Paths and Activated Pedestrian Crossings
  • New station locations providing increased access for more residents
  • Improved safety, security and customer satisfaction amenities

New Seaford-Flinders train timetable

The new Seaford-Flinders timetable will be available on this website soon.

See the public transport wayfinding map for services available in this area.

Flinders train services will commence following essential testing and driver training 

The Flinders Medical Centre bus interchange now has real time public transport timetable information.

Weekend services on the Flinders line

The first weekend services on the new Flinders Railway Line will commence on the weekend of 26-27 December. This enables minor finishing works on the weekends of 12-13 and 19-20 December, which cannot be undertaken while trains are in operation.

Alawoona level crossing open

The level crossing at Alawoona Avenue will return to operation on the weekend of 21-22 November after 18 months of being inactive.

Stay Switched On

Remember to take care around electric rail. 


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