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Priority Seats and Allocated Spaces

When: From Monday 1 July 2019

Priority Seating and Allocated Spaces

All Adelaide Metro trains and trams provide direct and easy access to priority seating and allocated spaces.

Look for the signs on board vehicles and please choose your space kindly.

And remember, not all disabilities are visible.


Priority Seating

Priority seats are generally the closest seats to the entrance and are provided for customers with a disability, who are pregnant, the elderly or passengers who are less able to stand.

For easy identification, priority seats are a different colour to the majority of other seats on board vehicles. Priority seats are generally red on buses, trains and trams, with some trams having blue priority seats.

Please vacate these seats if requested or you see a passengers who may have greater need for it than you do.

Priority Seating Text Image

Allocated Spaces

Allocated spaces are available to accommodate customers who use a mobility device such as a wheelchair or scooter. They must be vacated when required by a passenger using a mobility device.

If they are vacant, then they are available for all customers, particularly those with prams and shopping.

See further details on Priority Seating and Allocated Spaces on Adelaide Metro services.

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