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South Australian Government building a better public transport network

When: From Monday 1 July 2019

The State Government will release tenders to contract out Adelaide Metro tram and train services as it moves towards delivering modern, customer-focused public transport.

A contracting out model will see train and tram services delivered in much the same way our bus services operate.

Under a contracting out model, the Government will retain ownership of rail assets, including trains, tracks and stations, and will continue to control the price of travel on trains and tram and the requirements for levels of service.

Now in operation, the South Australian Public Transport Authority (SAPTA) is investigating options for the framework and transition to a contracting out delivery model through a rigorous procurement process with key objectives focussed on improving customer satisfaction, improving service levels over time and improving the efficiency of the train and tram networks.

This will take time to work through and more information will be provided as the program progresses.

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