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New metroCARD designs now available

When: From Tuesday 21 February 2017

Travel with stately style

New South Australian metroCARDs now available

Celebrate this great state with six new metroCARDs showing iconic South Australian destinations.

The destinations of Adelaide Oval, Glenelg, Henley Beach, the Barossa Valley, Port Willunga and Kangaroo Island will feature on the limited editions metroCARDs.  

The cards are now available from:

  • Adelaide Metro InfoCentres
    • Cnr King William & Currie Street, Adelaide
    • Adelaide Railway Station, North Terrace, Adelaide
  • WHS Smith
    • Andy Thomas Circuit, Adelaide Airport

These stately metroCARDs are available in Regular fare only, with the option to load 2 Section or Visitor Pass to a card. The cards cost $5 each, plus $5 minimum value added to the card.

Check them out and get your favourite now . . . or collect all six!

All cards in group - long smaller file size
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